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For 2 Stack of Magazines and 1 Stacks of Broadsheet Publications

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StreetSmart publications racks are made from Polyethylene making them very strong and durable, resistant to graffiti and will never rust or corrode.  The SS#8 was designed to hold 2 stack of magazines and 1 stack of broadsheet or tabloid style publications.  With a side opening bottom door and a pull up top window made from Polycarbonate it is easy to display your Publication. Racks can be customized with your logo or corporate branding.



- Shipping weight 50 Lbs.

- Top paper stack 18" Wide x 14" Deep x 11" Tall

- Lower paper stack 18"Wide x 16" Deep x 15" Tall

- Chain Lug Holes for Secure Fastening

- Large Graphics Panels

- Hollow Base for Adding Ballast 4" Fill Port

- Footprint 22" x 20"

SS8 Drawing.jpg

Graphic Areas:

Maximum image size - width x height

1) Top Side Panel          14" x 8.5"

2) Top Back Panel         14" x 8.5"

3) Middle Side Panel     14" x 17"

4) Middle Back Panel    14" x 17"

5) Lower Front               16" x 9"

6) Header                      14" x 2"

7a) Top Window             18" x 11"

7b) Bottom Window       16" x 15"

"FREE" on Door - No Extra Charge

Color Options:

Choose from one of our 19 Stock Colors:

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