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Custom Rotational Molding

Idea to Molded Part

Go Plastics Specializes in Rotational Molding.

Having been in the Rotational molding industry for over 30 years we have the Experience, Equipment and Knowledge to meet you Rotomolding needs.  From small to large sized part or short production runs to large projects we can handle it for you.

Our Design Department is ready to help you. From Idea and Concept through Design, Model Making, Tooling, Rotational Molding, Finishing, Testing and Distribution we are your full service rotational molding / manufacturing solution.

Computer Design

Rotational Molding offers design advantages over other molding processes. With proper design, parts that are normally assembled from several pieces can be molded as one part, eliminating expensive fabrication costs. The process also has a number of inherent design strengths, such as consistent wall thickness and strong outside corners that are virtually stress free. If additional strength is required, reinforcing ribs can be designed into the part. Inserts, threads, handles, foam filling, minor undercuts, flat surfaces that eliminate draft angles or fine surface detail can all be part of the design.

Ferry 330 Machine
Ferry 330 Control Panel

More than just Rotational molding we offer a host of other services.

- Digital Printing

- Assembly and Testing

- Distribution and Blind Drop Shipping

Digital Printing
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