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Our Product Lines

Go Plastics Lines of Rotationally molded products are made from the very best grade of Rotomolding resins for great strength and long lasting durability.  All of our product lines are rotationally molded with fully U.V. stabilized pigments making them great for both indoor and outdoor use.  All of our products can be molded in a wide range of colors and can have custom branding with your corporate logo.  Click on the Links below to see more about each of our different Rotationally Molded product lines.

Honor Vend Racks

Go Plastics line of "StreetSmart Distribution Boxes for outdoor and indoor applications are designed to hold publications like Magazines, Digests, Tabloids, Broadsheets and Quarter folds.  All Go Plastics Rotational News racks are made in the USA from Polyethylene Plastic for long lasting durability, maintenance free use, graffiti resistant and impervious to rust and corrosion.

Lottery Play Centers

Go Plastics Rotationally molded Lottery Play Centers and Kiosks are designed to help improve a lotteries in-store presence and image in the retail environment by making it easy to communicate with the customer and provide a functional and organized retail display.  All of our Play Centers are made of strong easy to clean Polyethylene Plastic

Shipping Cases

Shipping Cases

Go Plastics Rotationally Molded Shipping Cases are deigned to be very strong and easy to use.  We offer both flat and round cases that come in a variety of sizes.

Other Products

We offer a wide range of other products like Free Book Boxes, Digital Printing, Acrylic displays and enrichment balls for pets and zoo.

Rescue Dog Collection

Go Plastics Rescue Dog Banks are molded from durable Polyethylene resin making them fade resistant and very strong.  Full size and realistic looking dog with large coin slot on top and large capacity locking donation drawer allows for fewer pickups. 

Ultimate Dirt Machine

Go Plastics Ultimate Dirt Machine is rotationally molded in one piece. This Digester composting system uses the heat from the sun to reduce waste 3x faster than normal composting.

- No Assembly required

- Self Contained Digesting

- No Turning or Stirring

- Does not require Water or Chemicals

- 70 Gallon Capacity

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