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Contact: Brian

Phone: 770-345-0535 x6


Contact: Michelle

Phone: 770-345-0535 x5


StreetSmart Outdoor Honor racks are rotationally molded in our Canton, Georgia manufacturing facility.  Go Plastics racks are designed to hold a virtually any size of FREE distribution publications.  StreetSmart honor vends are designed to be maintenance free, graffiti resistant, and impervious to rust and corrosion.  All StreetSmart racks are made from Polyethylene plastic and with a full UV stabilizer package so they won't fade when placed outside.    Racks can be customized with a number of different colors and custom digitally printed graphics.  Every distribution rack is molded to order.  For more information, please click on the rack of your choice.

StreetSmart Honor Vend Racks
for Quarter Folds

(Click example below for more information)


Holds 2 stacks of magazines or 2 stacks of digests

SS-7 RT.jpg

Holds 1 stacks of magazines or 2 stacks of digests


Holds 1 stacks of magazines


Holds 1 stacks of tabloids or

2 stacks of magazines

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