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" Go Plastics" Specialists in Rotational Molding. Since 1989

From Design and Prototyping, through molding, assembly, labeling, packaging and distribution we can handle your entire project in our full service Rotational molding manufacturing facility.

Idea to Molded Part

Custom Rotational Molding

Go Plastics Specializes in Rotational Molding (Roto Molding) From Design to Distribution we can handle your entire project.  We mold using high and low density Polyethylene (PE) in our 15,000 Sq. Ft. facility just north of Atlanta Ga.  Go Plastics Molds on 2 different sizes of machines so we can handle parts from small sizes to very large part.

StreetSmart Logo

StreetSmart Honor Vend Racks

Go Plastics line of Rotationally molded "StreetSmart" Distribution Boxes for Outdoor and Indoor publications, Magazines, Digests, Tabloids, Broadsheet and Quarter folds are made in the USA from Polyethylene Plastic for long life durability, maintenance free, graffiti resistant.

Lotto Background.jpg

Lottery Play Centers / Kiosks

Our Rotationally molded Lottery Play Centers and Kiosks are designed to help improve a lotteries in-store presence and image in the retail environment by making it easy to communicate with the customer and providing a functional and organized retail display.  All of our Play Centers are made of strong easy to clean Polyethylene Plastics.



Go Plastics was founded by Ed Gollob, a 30-year veteran of the plastics industry who was a pioneer and now specializes in a process called rotational molding.  Go Plastics, is a leader in innovative products made from high-grade, low-maintenance polyethylene since 1986. With a 15,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Ball Ground, Georgia, Go Plastics specializes in creating the very best, longest-lasting polyethylene products in the industry.  Go Plastics Roto Casts a line of outdoor distribution racks called StreetSmart as well as a line of outdoor furniture called Easy Living.  After more than 20 years in the Business Neal Gollob has taken over from his father Ed, and ensures that every rotationally molded part is the very finest available. Our Director of Sales and Marketing with over 25 years of experience with Go Plastics, Brian Bauman can assistance with any of your product needs. Proudly made in the USA, all of our products are 100% recyclable. As compared to blow molding - Go Plastics rotationally molded products are stronger and more durable



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